QGTKStyle has been available for Maemo

QGTKStyle is a Qt style rendered using GTK to give a native appearence for Qt applications running on the GNOME desktop.
It’s available on our repositories at qt4.garage.maemo.org.
This is an experimental package: it’s stable but it’s under heavy development, so this package is provided ONLY for testing and bug reporting.

If you want to keep up-to-date on QGTKStyle changes, please check QGTKStyle page at google code .
Note: QGtkStyle is installable only via xterm. In order to install it, you simply need to run apt-get install qgtkstyle as root; So run qtconfig as not privileged user and select GTK as style.
Our forum is always open for any discussion about it, and you can use the tracker to report a bug in the package.