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Last night I was hacking Qt4 for maemo and I forced apt-get to install some packages in my full root partition of my N810.
This operation has probably corrupted its JFFS filesystem and BOOM!
When I tried to boot up my device it showed me the normal bootscreen and after 20-30 seconds it reboot itself! :(
So I googled to search the instruction to reflash my N810.
I followed the instruction on maemo wiki and finally I got it working again! :)
Reflashing your device via linux is easy and safe if you follow all the suggestions in the wiki page, such as:
- Running flasher by root.
- Mount your usb sys partition ( mount | grep usb ) or run mount -t usbfs usbfs /proc/bus/usb.
- Always check the checksum of the downloaded files before running the flasher!
That’s all, happy flashing!

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