How to sign a phonegap APK using Android Studio

Phonegap CLI app is quite handy and easy to use, but it’s a just a nightmare if you wanna to sign a package for the a store.

The most handy solution that I found involves android studio.  Basically once imported the project, you may use the android studio interface to build and sign your packages.

The first step is to import your project into android studio.. That’s quite easy and it’s described in the first steps written in this blog post:

Getting Started With PhoneGap and Android Studio

Once your project is imported you can sign the package just pressing BUILD> Generate Signed APK. Then you select your key store or you create a new one if you don’t have any.

Enter your key store password, choose or create a key (a keystore can contains several keys) and finally you set the password for the key itself.

Press the next button a couple of time and the process will start! ­čśÇ Enjoy!

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  1. i imported my phonegap project in android studio. Now when i run the build or emulate command in CLI it it isnt compiling any app files.. nor is it showing me any errors… i tried creating another project and it shows the same problem. what should i do?

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