How to get the best out of your Huawei E3372S..

.. ok maybe not really ALL the best out if it.. but you will make it more usable!

Before going forward you must know a few basic facts:

  1. There are two kind of e3372 devices with very different hardware. they are called E3372S and E3372H. In this article we will talk about the E3372S, which is the one I own and that I tested, but almost everything should be valid for the e3372H too but not the software I link to.
  2. There are two major firmware versions 21.x (stick firmware) and 22.x (hi-link firmware). Both can work on E3372S and E3372H. The 21.x (stick firmware) works as “standard” modem and the 22.x (hi-link) firmware works as a router attached to your computer via ethernet over USB and its webconsole is reachable at
  3. The dongle supports several modes even at the same time. It can be seen as CD-ROM or SD card, That allow the device to install drivers on windows.  It could open some serial ports which allow you to send to it some AT commands  useful to unlock stuff or more… and it works as modem too. Actually it can emulate the old modem using ppp (but that would not make use of 4g speed) or the new modem modem. On linux usb-modswitch is the tool used to switch the device to certain modes.

After playing quite a while with my e3372s, I have to say that it’s quite easy for almost everybody to:

  1. Downgrade 22.x firmware to 21.x
  2. Upgrade 21.x to 22.x
  3. Keeping the original 22.x firmware and unleash more options by flashing a modded web UI (DMZ, port forwarding and more)

If you want to use the e3372s in stick mode (21.x) with your router or with any linux box.. forget about it! I have tried and it doesn’t work. It works great on Windows although since the driver comes from huawei. On Linux the dongle running  21.x is seen as cdc ncm device. Those devices are tipically supported by linux, but the 21.x stick firmware that I tried implements a custom protocol which doesn’t allow the linux machine to get the address via DHCP and then it didn’t work for me. Setting a static IP didn’t work either. I wrote a python script to get the DHCP through AT commands and that was not enough.. to get the stick working on linux you may need to fix the kernel modules.

So long story short, if you wanna couple this dongle to a linux based device, go for an hi-link mode with a modded webui.


Here you can find the link to the software I used to flash mine with some basic instructions.

The software seems to be pretty much stable and I found not so easy to brick the device.

So enjoy! 😀



9 comments on “How to get the best out of your Huawei E3372S..

  1. Thanks a bunch for pulling it all together – way more convenient than spending nights with a Russian dictionary 😉

  2. I’m using HUAWEI E3372 in stick mode with linux box, it works fine.

    Manufacturer: huawei
    Model: E3372
    IMEI: 864346025452279
    +GCAP: +CGSM,+DS,+ES

    tail /etc/network/interfaces
    iface wwan0 inet dhcp
    pre-up /usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/chatscripts/wwan0 > /dev/ttyUSB2 /dev/ttyUSB0
    allow-ondemand wwan0

    cat /etc/chatscripts/wwan0
    “” “ATZ”
    #OK ATE0
    #noless of 2 seconds otherwise at+cpin=xxxx retrun error in writing
    +CPIN:\sREADY-A\dT+CPIN=\”0000\”-OK AT
    OK “AT”
    TIMEOUT 60
    OK AT+COPS=1,0,”TIM”,2
    OK AT^NDISDUP=1,1,””

    wwan0 get IP address from provider, no NAT.

    # ifup wwan0
    Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Client 4.3.1
    Copyright 2004-2014 Internet Systems Consortium.
    All rights reserved.
    For info, please visit

    Listening on LPF/wwan0/00:1e:10:1f:00:00
    Sending on LPF/wwan0/00:1e:10:1f:00:00
    Sending on Socket/fallback
    DHCPDISCOVER on wwan0 to port 67 interval 3
    DHCPREQUEST on wwan0 to port 67
    DHCPOFFER from
    DHCPACK from
    bound to — renewal in 212088 seconds.

  3. Sorry for mistake (and disorder):

    pre-up /usr/sbin/chat -v -f /etc/chatscripts/wwan0 > /dev/ttyUSB2 < /dev/ttyUSB2

    ttyUSB2 is first port of:
    Bus 002 Device 017: ID 12d1:1506 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. E398 LTE/UMTS/GSM Modem/Networkcard

    usb 2-1.4: GSM modem (1-port) converter now attached to ttyUSB2

    wwan0 is from module huawei_cdc_ncm. Somewhere I read to use linux 4.2 or above. I'm using
    uname -a
    Linux spaghetti 4.7.0-rc7 #1 SMP Wed Jul 13 09:35:19 CEST 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux

  4. My E2272h already has modified Web UI apparently.
    It’s shame that it does not support pppoe bridge.

  5. I made it work too:

    First update your kernel to 4.7. This was not working for me with kernel 4.4.
    Downgrade the modem to stick mode using the 2.1 firmware you provided.
    Plug the modem and you should have a new USB device.
    “Bus 002 Device 008: ID 12d1:14fe Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Modem (Mass Storage Mode)”
    Switch it to modem mode:
    # usb_modeswitch -v 12d1 -p 14fe -M “55534243123456780000000000000011062000000100000000000000000000”
    You now have this device:
    “Bus 002 Device 011: ID 12d1:1506 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Modem/Networkcard”

    This creates two modem interfaces: ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1.
    Connect using ttyUSB1.

  6. Hi,

    I have a E3372, however I cannot get into the webui.

    The firmware is version and Hardware version is CL1E3372SM Ver.A I also have a software version number of I assume this is the webui, however I cannot see how to get to it. I have tried but to no avail. Also, when I plug it into my PC, and run ipconfig, I don’t get a gateway IP, I am however connected.

    Without the webui, I cannot find out how I can flash different firmware. I have the stick plugged into a router running ROOTER MultiWeb and it seems to work ok, although the speeds are a bit slow (hence me wanting to get into the web ui to confirm I am connected to LTE.

    Any ideas on how I can flash the device? I am not that skilled in command prompt, and hence me looking or the web ui, but happy to follow instructions.

    Thanks for any help you can provide

  7. Sorry, I just wanted to check, I have downloaded the files and on installing stick to hilink, I am being asked for a password when I try to upgrade the firmware from 21 to 22.

    I got the stick off ebay, and therefore don’t have the original packaging. Can I assume that this means that the device is locked? It does work with multiple carriers sim cards.

    Thanks for any help you are able to provide.

  8. ok, please disregard all my last posts. I found an online password calculator and it worked like a charm. I have now successfully updated the firmware.. worked like a charm!

    Thanks for all the info…

  9. I have a brand new Huawei E3372h-153 and I am trying to connect it to a Mikrotik CRS125-24G-1S-IN. The Miktotik sees the USB device as a Huawei E3372 modem, but doesn’t show it in it list of interfaces.

    Some people are getting it to work, but only if the device ID is 14fe.
    Any thoughts or need I need to flash this device from firmware version 22……… to 21……. ?

    Thanks in advance for any reply.

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