What’s the best ROM for your aged Nexus 7 2013 WiFi?

I have a Nexus7 tablet which is still in use, but with the time it has become sluggish and unsafe  to use, since it doesn’t get  security updates from google anymore.  Beside this, it’s stuck to Android 6.0 which means forget about the any feature update from Google!
Since I while I have decided to install a custom ROM on it… and today the day has come!

Beside the several alternatives available out there, I decided to opt for LineageOS 4.1 (which is the current lineage stable version based on Android 7.1).
The main reasons for this choice are:

  • If the tablet goes to your mum, she will thank you!
  • it looks stable to me
  • OTA updates (new firmwares can be installed in an easy and safe way).
  • Constant updates (2/3 per month, too many? 😛 not all of them are actually needed by your device but they may contain some security fixes from google)
  • Trusted team
  • A big pool of devs working on it
  • Software baseline with roots on a respected OS (cyanogenmod)
  • Great features on top of the Android stock.
  • Android stock look and feel
  • Support for upcoming Android version (eg: Lineage 15.0 will be based on Android 8)
  • Support for multiple devices coming from different vendors
  • Bloatware free
  • No associated to any big company willing to sell your privacy as a product
  • many more!

My experience so far with my device:
As for now everything works as expected and the device is VERY snappy! No lags at all, which makes it quite impressive for a 5 years old device running almost the latest software release available on the market.

If you opt for it, beside LineageOS I suggest you to install:
1. GApps (or Google apps) for arm (from the lineage website)

2. Magicks & Magisk Manager (to get root in a safe way, compliant to the Android policy and with OTA . It’s the opensource alternative to the SuperSU). Note: Do not install the “su” in the lineageOS extras repo!

3. Root Booster to optimize it for speed/battery/stability (which requires root to work better)

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