Hi there and welcome to my blog.
If you are here, I guess you wanna know something about me… so here we go!
My name is [Anagram: 7,7] “Italiano Noioso”. Sorry, I like games! 😀 I’m Italian, but it’s been a while I haven’t enjoyed its sun.
I’m based in a cold land called Finland. A great place to live, where people are smart but do not talk too much and winters are beautiful!
Do you wanna know more from my past? I used to live both in Southern and in Northern Italy. My hometown is [anagram of 9 letters] “Lago Piana”.

If you have problems to solve the anagram, you can always contact me. I shall answer you, unless I’m too busy with Python! 😀 Just joking! 😀 You can send me a personal email to gnuton AT gnuton DOT org or you can find me on IRC (gnuton@freenode) if you like.

Technology and Science are my passions. Taking stuff apart and understanding how it works is what I do, besides breathing and eating for living.
Building stuff is one of the thing I like the most, as well as having good time with my wife, family and friends.

I started to be passionate about technology when I was a child, which is when I started to write my first app on a Commodore 64… ooooold good times! 😀
I have shared my passion with a few people during this years… mostly at the University of Trieste, in the opensource scene and in the companies I have worked for… that range from HUUUUUGE companies to SMAAAAAL startups!
Do you wanna know more about my careers? Then, I guess you may wanna have a look at my LinkedIn page, don’t you?

And here we are! Not so much left to say for this little intro about myself…
What about you? Who are you? Drop me few lines in the comments or email if you feel like it!!!

Enjoy my blog!


One comment on “AboutMe

  1. Hi, the image of the comodore 64 in the header is the best picture ever !

    It’s so reminds me good old beautiful memories. Do you have it in hi resolution ? I like it so much.. Even the outside is like a dream..

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