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Hi, If you are browsing this page you may be interested in adding additional codecs to the Harmattan GStreamer. Below you can find gstreamer-ffmpeg packages which allow your Qt app and the platform media player  to play more audio and video formats.

The packages here available are basically the Maemo ones: I’ve done only few changes in the debian files to let this package build on harmattan. Its source code has not been modified at all and it can be found in the Maemo extras repository:

The packages you need to install on the device are the following:

If you are a developer and you found a bug you may want to install debug symbols on your device. If you are a normal user you don’t need this package at all!

In case you want to re-build this package on harmattan you have to:

2.uncompress the file with: tar cvf gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg-0.10.9-harmattan.tgz .
3. build it in the harmattan platform SDK (scratchbox) with the command dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b
To build this package you don’t need external dependencies. Additional libs are required in case you want to support additional codecs.
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Most people run a home server behind a router. If you have a dynamic IP, this could be very annoying. The server don’t know about the public IP (of the router), the router sometime don’t update the dinamic DNS. The OpenDNS settings are not valid anymore if your IP chages.

To avoid all these issues, this night I wrote a very cool script that updates  DynDNS and OpenDNS at the same time.

DynDNS allows me to have a domain like with a dinamic IP. OpenDNS instead after a free registration and after that I added its DNS IP to my DHCP router configuration, it offers a safe browsing to my network users protecting them from several internet threats like phishing, adult sites ecc..

My server runs this script every hours via cron.

#! /bin/bash

#wildcard allowed values are NOCHG, Y, N
# Y=Yes, use it as my primary mail relay.  N=No, use it as backup MX record.

#current IP
currentIP=$( curl -s | grep -o “[[:digit:].]\+” )

if [ "$currentIP" != "$(cat lastIP)" ]; then
echo IP changed to $currentIP
echo “$currentIP” > lastIP
#update OpenDNS
/usr/bin/curl -m 60 -u $user:$password ‘’
#update DynDNS
curl -v -k -u $user:$password “$hostname&myip=$currentIP&wildcard=$wildcard&mx=$mx&backmx=$backmx”

echo IP not changed. It is still $currentIP

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If you have children or you want to ensure to the people in your network a safe browsing, you can install squid + dansguardian.
I installed them on my home linux server. It runs Ubuntu Dapper (a very old distro)… and Installing and configuring them have been very easy.
First of all I installed squid with apt-get install squid. Then I installed dansguard with apt-get. The installation script told me that I had to modify the config file.
Then I removed the “REMOVE ME” line in the config file and i started the two new services with a /etc/init.d/squid start and then /etc/init.d/dansguard start.
Squid (the proxy) will listen for connection at the port 3128, instead the filter (dansguard) wiill listen at the port 8080.
At this point we can block the access to the port 3128 with iptable and removing every possible way to have a gateway in the net.
The people in our network are forced to use the filtered proxy to browse now.
After that I setted the proxy in my boxes everything is okay.. the children can surf the web again safely!

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The last week I bought a good rusty bike for 5 €. After a bit of fixing and customization.. practically less than 30 minutes of work to fix everything (changing the alloy wheel, inner tube and other stuff) and a good wash I finally have got a bicycle to reach every place in helsinki without spending a lot of money to get public transportation..

As you can see in the pictureI attached a KDE sticker under the handle bar and it has the tires branded Nokia.

It looks great.. :D

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While we are talking in the Qt4maemo ML about how some things should be implemented and improved in Qt for maemo, some interesting posts have appeared in KDE planet.

There Lorn Potter, a Trolltech hacker, is happy to see one of his applications, GutenBrowser, running in maemo without any effort: “All it took was a recompile!”.

Ariya Hidaya, another Trolltech hacker, and Adam Treat (Manyoso) a KDE hacker and Member of the KDE e.V. tested and investigated the low graphic performance of Qt 4.4 on the N8x00 devices.

Looking forward to seeing new blogs of KDE people aggregated in Planet Maemo, I´ll continue working on Qt 4.4.1 packages.

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The Maemo platform is growing up day by day and its good software and hardware attract every day new people.
Unfortunately not all of these people are able to program in GTK, since they don’t use linux or because they are KDE people.
Qt4maemo was born as a natural answer to this leak. I compiled and uploaded the first Qt4 packages when I hadn’t got a Maemo device yet. Less than 2 months ago I was contacted by Nokia to work fulltime on this project. Obviously I accepted and now I spend most of my time behind a monitor hacking Qt! :)

The Project:

  • Why Qt?
    There are a lot of things that make Qt a good choice for developing your application: it has an intuitive library and you don’t need to change your code to run your application on your Desktop or Tablet. Qt integrates a lot of powerful tools easy to use, such as Webkit and Phonon.
  • The Goals
    The aim of this project is to give to the community a Qt integrated in the hildon environment.
    Qt developers don’t need to learn new stuff and the hildonization of Qt is transparent to them.
  • The Status
    The application menu bar has been hidden and its QActions are showed in a QMenu that popups when the user clicks the application title bar. The Quit action has been moved to the right menu position.
    The input method has been integrated, the IM popups when the keyboard is closed and a keywidget receives the focus. It also supports the sticky and the lock mode for the shift and Fn keys. The Compose key (“Ch” on the keyboard) works fine, so basically the on-screen and the hardware keyboard are pretty usable.
    The GTKStyle has been integrated in the source tree and it is used as default style. The other styles have been disabled in order to have a more slim library and this allows to save space on the device.
    The Qt package and its dependencies have been updated to diablo and they are available in the Qt4 repository.
    A lot of little stuff has been completed, such as the right QToolbar position and the QMessageBox size calculated with the available area dictated by the WM……
  • The next steps.
    The next big step is moving the packages from the Qt4 garage repository into extras. Why is it a big step?
    Because in this way people can start to port their applications.  Qt4maemo is under development but is usable and the changes on the Qt4 code don´t involve changes in the application code.
    Obviously other important steps include completing the port and MAKING MORE people use Qt on maemo! :P
  • Support
    I offer assistance via forum to everyone who needs help to port his application to maemo or who wants to package his Qt application.
    The forum is open for every discussion on the code as well.
    Usually my replies are quite fast and the posts can be anonymous, but it´s better for you that you log in before leaving a post so that you can immediately when I or someone else has replied.
  • Thanks
    I can´t finish this post without saying thanks to all the people who helped me in this project, such as some Trolltech guys and Jott.
    I also want to thank Kate, not because she´s my boss, but because she’s very kind, and she’s able to surprise me with her big knowledge and experience.
    And last, but not least I want to thank Nokia for this experience and all the people who use and will use Qt on their tablet ;)
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The Qt4 repository for Diablo is now available.

The repository contains:

  • Qt4 dependencies: binary and source packages.
  • A snapshot of the hildonized Qt4 available in SVN.

For more information, visit the Qt4 diablo repository page.

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This is the first time that I post here, but I´m sure that
some of you already know me well as KBlogger or maemo Qt4 Developer. The Last
week, I moved to Finland to work at Nokia.

This is my first experience abroad, and I´m really excited! Here I
should continue to work on the Qt4 port.

I feel very lucky to work on this project, because I think that Qt4maemo  is really important for KDE Developers and for people who use the pure Qt in others platforms (such as Mac OsX  and Windows) and who want to port or write their own applications for the Nokia Internet Tablet easily, fast and using powerful tools such as webkit or phonon.

I hope to have a lot of people around this project in order to test,
code and have fun togheter!
So I´m waiting for you all on the official Qt4 page at
For every comment, idea and question the forum is open to everyone! :)

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Today, i’ve reported a bug of QGTKStyle on maemo.
Click here to follow the status and to watch the screenshot of the bug

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QGTKStyle is a Qt style rendered using GTK to give a native appearence for Qt applications running on the GNOME desktop.
It’s available on our repositories at
This is an experimental package: it’s stable but it’s under heavy development, so this package is provided ONLY for testing and bug reporting.

If you want to keep up-to-date on QGTKStyle changes, please check QGTKStyle page at google code .
Note: QGtkStyle is installable only via xterm. In order to install it, you simply need to run apt-get install qgtkstyle as root; So run qtconfig as not privileged user and select GTK as style.
Our forum is always open for any discussion about it, and you can use the tracker to report a bug in the package.