Parental Control in a small network

If you have children or you want to ensure to the people in your network a safe browsing, you can install squid + dansguardian. I installed them on my home linux server. It runs Ubuntu Dapper (a very old distro)… and Installing and configuring them have been very easy. First of all I installed squid with apt-get install squid. Then… Read more →

My new bicycle..

The last week I bought a good rusty bike for 5 €. After a bit of fixing and customization.. practically less than 30 minutes of work to fix everything (changing the alloy wheel, inner tube and other stuff) and a good wash I finally have got a bicycle to reach every place in helsinki without spending a lot of money… Read more →

Some posts about Qt4 on Maemo from KDE planet

While we are talking in the Qt4maemo ML about how some things should be implemented and improved in Qt for maemo, some interesting posts have appeared in KDE planet. There Lorn Potter, a Trolltech hacker, is happy to see one of his applications, GutenBrowser, running in maemo without any effort: “All it took was a recompile!”. Ariya Hidaya, another Trolltech… Read more →

Hello Planet!

This is the first time that I post here, but I´m sure that some of you already know me well as KBlogger or maemo Qt4 Developer. The Last week, I moved to Finland to work at Nokia. This is my first experience abroad, and I´m really excited! Here I should continue to work on the Qt4 port. I feel very lucky to work on this project, because I think… Read more →

QGTKStyle has been available for Maemo

QGTKStyle is a Qt style rendered using GTK to give a native appearence for Qt applications running on the GNOME desktop. It’s available on our repositories at This is an experimental package: it’s stable but it’s under heavy development, so this package is provided ONLY for testing and bug reporting. If you want to keep up-to-date on QGTKStyle changes,… Read more →